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Latitude – Longitude: 53.703709,-6.452292

Lat: 53° 42′ 13.3524″ Long: -6° 27′ 8.2506″

Useful links:  Car pooling offer/request: Use this FB picture for carpools | Taxi fare calculator | All other updates via FB event 2015 wall |

You can get there by car-pooling, bus, train or taxi. If you are in Slane between 12-14.00 there will be mini-bus that you can pre-book here [[to be confirmed]]

For all your driving requirements please use Google Maps Journey Planner – simply select where you are travelling from, whether you prefer country roads to motorway… and click the big blue button. That’s it! You can even print the generated route. We will post Solstice Experience signs at local junctions for Glebe House. Keep following the signs with the stars spiral:spiral-stars-solstice-logo-1

For car pooling, post directly to the FB wall carpool to find someone closer to the date.

For buses & taxis & driving directions please read on (!) If you are using a taxi, make sure your driver knows where Glebe House, Dowth is!

If you are bussing to the venue there are three routes from Dublin: Dub-Slane (most direct & gets you closer to the venue); Dub-Navan (most frequent, you will need local taxi to get to the venue or organise car-pool); and Dub-Drogheda (get to Drodheda by bus or even by train from Connolly Station; and then organise carpool or get local taxi)

If you are coming from Dublin airport, the best thing is to hop on the Navan bus (leaves Airport hourly) & then get taxi Navan-Glebe House (Dowth).

16.12.15 UPDATED If you are arriving to Slane @ 13:55 , please pre-book your pick up & share the cost among your fellow travelers. If nobody needs it, then we will not need to arrange a shuttle bus this year.

Dublin-Slane bus: Buses leave town: 11.00 (arriving 11.55 in Slane) | 13.00 (13:55arr) | 14.45 (15:40arr) |  Future updates on FB event re Bus will be here.

  • Collins Coaches Dublin-Slane Saturday 2015 timetable (pdf will open) / return Slane-Dublin 2015 Sunday timetable (pdf will open)
  • Bus stop location: Lower Abbey St – wait for the bus right across the street from the Wynns Hotel – the spot where the red car is in the Google Streetview here, you will see a small ‘Collins Coaches’ bus stop sign when you walk by and people queuing. Arrive there in advance. Ask the driver to let you off in Slane – its approx 50min journey. 13.00  bus is your perfect arrival time for 13.55 in Slane.
  • pre-book your Slane-Glebe House mini-bus:  hereHere is Google Street-view of the busstop in Slane that you need to stay on when you get off Dublin-Slane bus. If you take  13.00 bus there will be a mini-bus Slane-Glebe House-Slane organised for yous for 14.30 pick up. Prices depend on the demand (in the region of 3-5Eur per head each way). If you cannot make it – please organise car-pooling on FB event wall.
  • All updates will be on the FB event wall. Safe journey!


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Google Maps or your GPS might guide you to the wrong ‘Glebe House’ if you input ‘Glebe House’ manually (it will show Wexford/Limerick etc). The venue can also appear as Glebe Cottage, Dowth, Meath, Ireland in your GPS.
Do not follow the road signs for ‘Newgrange’ as this will lead you to the OPW’s Newgrange Visitor Centre (which is totally on the opposite side of the river Boyne!
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