The language of the heart through the body, in dance.

When we dance with life, together, we open the deepest potentials of human evolution to awaken vitality, creativity, plenitude, rejuvenation, joy, health, well-being, fulfillment, altruism and solidarity – our potentials become possible through expression.

Biodanza is a practice that re-connects, supports and maintains our connection as living systems of the universe, as life itself. Joyful, harmonious, revitalizing, integrative dances & simple movements activate these life sources on a deeper level.

Because the movements are natural and instinctive, the original connections with life that start to flourish from the moment of conception, are re-awakened & enlivened through the experience of the dance and the timeless memory of life in each of our cells knowing the sacredness of life within and in the expansion of the universe surrounding us.

About Gillian

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Gillian Gavin is a Didactic Biodanza facilitator with 9 years facilitating Biodanza weekly classes, workshops & biodanza Woman’s Temple’s in Ireland & internationally.


She has recently returned to live in Dublin after 14 months residing with Amritanadamayi ‘ Amma’ in Her ashram in Kerala India.


Ireland’s Positive Life Magazine writes:

“Biodanza is a form of personal development that takes us out of our heads and into our bodies, frees us from stress, worry, anxiety and helps bring us back to the present moment…”