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If you have never received any Solstice Update this means the email you gave us is incorrect, please add correct mail here. If you have already bought your solstice ticket via our Conscious Concert Ireland site/ Eventbrite & did not receive a confirmation email, please contact us.

Pre-booking is required to attend this event (it naturally sells out). You will receive your ticket via email (Eventbrite/Wix) which you will need to show a screenshot of/pdf or print (please be mindful of the paper).

Tickets are transferable but not refundable.

  • (optional) Venue arrival & first check-ins: Thur 20 Dec 13:00-14:45, Townley Hall venue map
  • (official start) Arrival at Dowth monument for 15:15 (parking on the green, alongside the road & where the parking attendant will guide you) for 15:30 ceremony start
  • Leaving Dowth by 16:40, carshare back to the venue – please make sure nobody is left behind :)
  • Arriving to Townley Hall 17:00

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions: http://wintersolstice.ie/faq-2018/

Hello and Solstice Greetings
2018 | Thur 20- Fri 21 Dec | Things to bring:
  • Drumming circle:
    • A drum (if you have one) or a rattle; Drums will also be provided.
  • Outdoors:
    • Rain gear/warm outdoor clothing and suitable footwear
    • Flash light / jar candle
  • Indoors:
    • Your own Sleeping bag / over-blankets/ pillow – warm wooden floors are already padded with duvets.
    • Indoor footwear (slippers, socks)
    • towel, sauna things (mobile sauna outdoors) 
    • Your own bedsheets (if you booked an add-on dorm bed, alternatively you can rent the bedding for 5€ from Fidelma – the venue owner)
  • Celebratory food for sharing
    • In the spirit of community and sharing (and Christmas!:) let’s make something at home and bring it – would be nice to bring something yummy, less packaged. Of course: Supper and breakfast are included in your ticket already. Mmmm abundance
    • If you have any food intolerances, please bring your own extra food to the event (we’ll have soup, daal, fruits, porridge there).
    • All water at Winter Solstice is fluoride-free (Artisan well).
  • For lost & found after the event.
The starting time of the event 15:15 on Thursday the 20/12/18. The key anchoring Solstice frequency group meditation at 19.30.
We are so looking forward to seeing you at Townley Hall.


  • offer your car space here
  • print your directions in case there is no signal in the area

We get funny stories every year of people getting themselves into random places, far far from the venue :)

Get your directions with Google Maps Journey-planner before you drive or else YOU MAY NOT find us (every year there are people who do not research/plan in advance & get lost ..even by Taxi(!)

(e.g. do NOT let your driver follow the signs for Newgrange (!) these are TOTALLY misguiding and will lead you to the Interpretive Centre on the wrong side of the river)).

Unfortunately we will not have the resources to help those who get lost and cannot answer any phone calls on the night, however Townley House can be contacted for location clarifications Tel: +353 41 983 8218


If you’re arriving to Slane by bus and need transport to Townley Hall House, we will be posting booking form here closer to the date to gauge times & numbers & costs. Please note you will be responsible for your own transport costs . Here is also local (Drogheda) taxi number: Tel 00353 41 983 22 44

Looking forward to seeing you all there x

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