mens-walk-collage28 – 30th of June 2015 – Leading together & supporting as brothers: A three day walk of self discovery along the sacred masculine energy line of Ireland.


Men's Walk: The Way of the Conscious Masculine (cross paths with the Brigid’s Way Celtic Pilgrimage)

The Way of the Conscious Masculine – stepping forward as men

28 – 30th of June 2015, a bus from Slane will be organized for all men to get us to the starting point of the walk. The contribution is 60eur to cover the cost of lunches & stays. Along the way we will cross paths with the Brigid’s Way Walk (A nine day sacred feminine walk). When we meet we honour the energies of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine that cross on the Hill of Slane.

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The masculine energy line transverses Ireland and is associated with many ancient Irish male figures. Starting at Millmount Drogheda where Amergin (king of the Milesians) was buried and stretching across the whole country to Crom Cruach – a Pagan God (Modern name of mountain – Croagh Patrick)
The walk we are doing is approximately 40miles and starts at Loughcrew, Westmeath and goes East to Millmount (Drogheda) on the Coast.
At Loughcrew we will ask for a blessing from the Cailleach (the ancient Pagan Goddess) before embarking on the journey.[/toggle]

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Along the way we will be encountering the sacred sites of

– St Ciaran well
– St Kevins Well
– St Colmcilles Well
– King Slaine burial site (first recorded King of Ireland – Leader of the Firbolg)
– King Cormac burial site (Legendary High King of Ireland)
– Newgrange – home of Aengus Og and the Dagda – Ancient Gods of the Tuatha Dé Danaan
– King Amergins burial site (Ancient King of Ireland- leader of Milesians)
– And visit Ireland’s only male Sheila-na-gig stone


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We will camp each night and cook over the fire

Ceremonies and group work will be held and led by men who will most benefit and learn from the experience. Support can be offered if required from men with more ceremonial experience however the purpose is to lift all men up to be as equals and brothers on this sacred trip

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In 2014 – 3 men walked the route as an adventure. We met with the Brigid’s Way on the Hill of Slane and did ceremony together.


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