Sacredly holding the re-birth within

♧ Grianstad an Gheimhridh

..a time when we can consciously give birth to our dreams and intentions for the year ahead.

This is an annual overnight indoor & outdoor experience held by some of Ireland’s wise Elders and Healers

♧ Thursday 20th 03:45pm – Friday 21st 02:00pm ♧

Townley Hall Main House (Meath / Louth), Dowth & Newgrange

Food, Communal Sleeping space, Sauna & Workshops included 84€ | 64 | 30€ pre-booking required


What’s New in 2018?

We have some beautiful changes that will deepen your experience of the Solstice. New venue, and the overall theme / programme:

celtic-ornament-fire-newgrange-circle (1)

 This year’s theme is about:

♧ simplicity (of you just being you, stepping into our fullness and multidimensionality, true version of ourselves)

♧ humanness & is-ness (every moment of being a human just “is”) The preciousness of being alive & cherishing one other)

♧ Loving & Unity in Diversity (being the radiance and transmision of love on our planet now, this very moment)

♧ With humour & humility – mastering our highest human transformational self, regardless of the shocks, the dark passages or sun-full ones