Winter Solstice Experience

NEW VENUE 3km Newgrange | join for Sunrise Newgrange ceremony | Sunset Dowth alignment ceremony | Drumming & Dancing | Sound healing, Voice toning, Chanting, Meditation | incl. Food & Communal sleep over/dorm sharing bed option avail. x10 people ❤ this year’s theme is:

✅ simplicity (of you just being you, stepping into our fullness and multidimensionality, true version of ourselves)

✅ humanness & is-ness (every moment of being a human just “is”) The preciousness of being alive & cherishing one other.

✅ Loving & Unity in Diversity (being the radiance and transmision of love on our planet now, this very moment) 

✅ With humour & humility – mastering our highest human transformational self, regardless of the shocks, the dark passages or sun-full ones