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  • 1. Q: Sacred space?

    …warm, relaxed, joyful atmosphere in keeping with the energies of the Solstice… Stillness…awareness…letting go and aspiring to creating a more harmonious world for the year ahead.

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  • 2. Q: Food, hot beverages, juices & drinking water
    • We will have a full kitchen to our disposal. (Food will be at set times and is included in your booking)
    • Hot beverages, fruit and small snacks will be available through the night.
    • Feel free to bring your juicer & fruit/veg (for non-sleeping hours)
    • This is a vegetarian event like all our events. And Vegans are catered for (dairy-free soup for dinner & porridge/muesli for breakfast).
    • In the spirit of community you are encouraged to bring some sweet & savoury celebratory food to share around (It’ll be nearly Christmas then: )
    • Drinking water - new venue Townley Hall - own well water. Recently certified checked.
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  • 3. Q: Glebe House: indoors / outdoors?

    Glebe House is a large, warm, cosy, two-storey open plan building. There is an immediate access to a beautiful open countryside with Dowth monument right in the next field. The venue is a 10 minute walk from Newgrange monument.

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  • 4. Q: How long is it?

    The 2018 experience will run from 03:45pm on Thursday 20th of December through the night to 02:00pm on Friday 20th of December. Finishing up with communal clean up and chill out sauna.

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  • 5. Q: How much is it?

    Full winter solstice experience 84€ | Student, Teen (over 14's), OAP, Social Welfare 64€ | Own bed add-on: 30€ |  Solstice Morning only: €30 | Tickets are transferable, non-refundable. All workshops, sauna, Communal Supper, Breakfast & Communal Sleeping space are included in the price.

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  • 6. Q: How to get there / car share

    Please follow the directions carefully.

    winter solstice spiral logoOn the day of the event you will observe Solstice Experience signs at local junctions. If you need help with personal travelling arrangements please use the wall of our current FB event (exact car-pooling post link will be updated there closer to the date)

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  • 7. Q: Townley Hall House: indoors / outdoors?

    Townley Hall House (Meath / Louth) is a large, warm (heated-floors), recently referbished and modernised Georgian house. At our disposal: indoor kitchen area, showers, toilets. There is an outdoor fire-pit access. The venue is a 12 minute drive from Newgrange monument and 6 minutes drive from Dowth. Here's Townley Hall website. Tel: 041 983 8218

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